Why CyberBee

When a cyberattack happens, you’ll need access to funds and advice that your IT service or traditional insurance policy can’t provide.

Buying Cyber insurance is part of the answer, but it won’t cover all eventualities or costs. You need the right package for your business. More importantly, you need to avoid getting stung in the first place!

Here’s how CyberBee can help.

1. We’ve developed a hive of knowledge so you better understand cyber risks. Stay up-to-date with our Cyber Exposure Scorecard and Cyber Liability toolkit.

2. We’ll link you to specialist providers of ransomware protection, cyber essentials certification, penetration and vulnerability testing.

3. We offer comprehensive cyber insurance as a final line of defence.

Don’t leave any door open to a cyber attack.

Bee Sure. Bee Safe. Bee Secure.

Bee Sure

Our Educational Tools are designed to help you and your employees stay up-to-date with cyber risk and prevent avoidable errors.

Risk Management Bulletins
Crime and Fraud Exposure Scorecard
Identifying Cyber Crime
Identity Theft Poster
Protection Against Online Fraud Advice
Cyber Exposure Scorecard
Internet Usage Policies
Combatting Fraud Email Scams
Defining Cyber Crime
Protecting Your Intellectual Property
Equipment Security Checklist
Protecting Your Intangible Assets from Social Engineering Fraud
Proper Employee Management to Reduce Fraud
Cyber Liability toolkit
Advice on responding to a data breach
Data protection policies
Data security posters
Data security guide
Data Protection Self Assessment
Data Breach Response Policy
Employee Cyber Training Manual
Security Tips
Business Continuity Planning Assistance
Cyber Security Guide

Bee Safe

We have tools and services to enhance your existing System Security.

Ransomware Protection
Cyber Essentials Certification
Penetration and Vulnerability testing

Bee Secure

Cyber Liability insurance is designed to protect and support your business in the event of a cyber attack. Cyber criminals can cost your business thousands of pounds, business downtime and reputational damage.

A cyber liability policy can help meet these costs:

Data loss and restoration
Business interruption – loss of profit
Incident response and investigation
Crisis communications and reputational mitigation
Third part liability cover – privacy breaches and unauthorised use of your network
Hacker Guy Holding Ransom and Phone Icon
Cyber extortion / Ransomware attack
Media liability
Regulatory fines & investigation expenses
Legal Advice
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