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Protecting your business against online fraud

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A Gateway for online fraud Over the last 10 years, the use of computers has increased dramatically. Nowadays, almost every business in the world will use a computer for something in the workplace. Whilst computers have improved the speed and efficiency of how we work, they have also helped to develop opportunities for thieves and …

Managing your employees properly: Helping to reduce fraud

Reduce fraud-reduce stress

An employer’s worst nightmare An unhappy employee who decides to defraud or steal from the company is quite simply, an employer’s worst possible nightmare. An individual who you have trusted with representing your company turns on you and potentially harms your companies reputation. Unfortunately, there is an abundance of stories about employees committing these crimes …

A short guide to keeping your data secure

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Keeping data secure Keeping data secure is crucial for all businesses, after all, would you trust a company with your personal information if you knew it wasn’t being kept securely? Customer and client information, payment details, personal files, bank details are all data which is impossible to replace if lost. More importantly, they can all …

Top 3 Cybersecurity tips for small businesses

cybersecurity tips

Small businesses don’t need cybersecurity tips? Over recent times, high profile cyber attacks on companies such as Sony have helped raise awareness of the rapidly growing threats posed by cybercrime. However, recent surveys conducted by Symanetic and other cyber-security organisations showed that many small business owners are STILL operating under a false sense of security …

8 ways to properly secure your network

secure your network

Why do I need to do this? Everday, the amount of sensitive information stored and transferred on your computer network grows. As this increases, so does the need for companies to implement appropriate measures to ensure data is not compromised. In order to properly secure your company’s network, there are a few steps which must …

Top 6 tips to protect your physical cyber assets

physical cyber assets

What is a physical cyber asset? Cyber assets are simply programmable electronic devices or pieces of communication network software. Many people often make the assumption that the only mitigating risks of cyber exposure are spam, phishing, and malware. However, cyber assets can also be compromised physically. It is important to have at least a basic …

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