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Cyber Risks Are Real.

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Bee Sure

Almost 50% of all UK businesses have experienced a cyber attack.

Every business, including yours, is vulnerable to a cyber attack. Most cyber risks are not covered by traditional insurance policies. We will provide risk management advice and access to our extensive knowledge hub as well as comprehensive insurance cover.

Bee Safe

The average cost of cyber breaches over the 2017 period was £20,000.

Be confident you have the control measures in place to protect your confidential data, systems and assets. We’ll help you to identify your vulnerabilities and connect you with cybersecurity experts to better protect your business.

Bee Secure

More than 1 in 10 businesses who have identified a breach are being attacked at least once a month.

Our specialist insurer partners will act fast to reduce the damage and get you back up and running. You can count on us to support your business and reputation.

How CyberBee can help

Drawing on over 150 years of insurance experience, we’ve developed CyberBee to meet the unique challenges of Cyber Risks. By providing advice and knowledge specific to your industry, we help facilitate what needs to be done to keep your business protected.

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